Why Do I Need Short-term Insurance?

Short-term insurance is no longer a luxury in South Africa, but rather a necessity. There’s nothing better than having the peace of mind, knowing that if something were to go wrong with your home, vehicle or any other expensive asset you own, you have short-term insurance to cover it.

When people think of short-term insurance, they often have the misconception that short-term insurance policies are only for people who want to insure something for a short, time-based period. Short-term insurance actually encompasses all types of insurance policies except for life insurance. The reason why certain policies fall under the short-term insurance umbrella is because short term policies are only taken out during a period of necessity, your needs in regard to the policy are expected to change over time. For example, it is unlikely that you will be driving the same car for the rest of your life. Amongst others, short-term insurance includes, household, vehicle, travel and personal liability insurance.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Short-term Insurance

– Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are the most terrifying and destructive things that mother nature can throw at us. From floods, to hail, to fires and tornados, when mother nature strikes, it’s best to be insured.

– Burglary

Unfortunately, South Africa has extremely high levels of crime. According to data by Statistics South Africa, burglary/housebreaking is the most common crime in South Africa with an estimated 1,2 million incidences in 2019/20. Even though we may take all the necessary measures to keep our belongings safe, having a short-term insurance policy in place will help you rest easy, knowing that should your belongings land up in the hands of a criminal, you will be covered. 

– Accidents

No matter how hard we try to avoid them, accidents happen. If you’ve spent any time on South African roads, you’ll know that the worst can happen at any moment, and if the worst had to eventually happen to you, then you would want to be comprehensively covered.

Insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. At Affinity Wealth we pride ourselves in offering our customers the best possible standard of service. We are ready to assist you with all of your short-term insurance needs through our strategic partners. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact us today.

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